Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church (New Kent, Virginia)

Rev. Rudolph V. Sykes Jr., M.Div, Senior Pastor

"Pastor and People Working Together for Christ"

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Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church

8500 New Kent Highway

New Kent, Virginia 23124

Phone/Fax: (804)932-3394


saints@rmzbc.hrcoxmail.com (Church)

rudolphsykes734@comcast.net (Pastor)


Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church, New Kent, Virginia was organized in the year 1872 under the leadership of the following: Phil Allen, James Williams, That Jefferson, Fleming Lewis, Edom Willis, Fleming Harris and Ben Willis.  Fleming Lewis and Fleming Harris were members of Second Liberty Baptist Church.

We have been blessed by God with dynamic and stable spiritual leaders.  The pastors, in order of service were as follows:

  • Reverend T.H. Johnson (1876-1896)
  • Reverend Isaiah Johnson (1896-1900)
  • Reverend W.E. Brown (1900-1912)
  • Reverend T.H. Banks (1912-1923)
  • Reverend W. Bable (1923-1933)
  • Reverend Elijah Hill (1933-1967)
  • Reverend Joseph Chism (1968-1975)
  • Reverend Richard Hughes (1977-1984)
  • Revered A. Lee Crook (1988-1996)
  • Reverend R.V. Sykes Jr. (1997-Present)

Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church has licensed and ordained various preachers. Many of the clergy went on to establish and/or pastor churches throughout the commonwealth of Virginia. Among those licensed to preach and/or served or serving on ministerial staff are: Reverend James Willis (Deceased), Reverend Thomas Jefferson (Deceased), Reverend Pacita Hill Long, Reverend Barbara Allen, Reverend Tawana Meredith, Reverend Dr. Howard Willis Jr., Reverend Wayne L. Moody, Reverend Vincent T. Williams, Evangelist Susan Moody, Reverend Melinda Greene, Minister Gregg Williams, Reverend Kevin Graham, Reverend Sean Young, Reverend Alfreda Lewis, Minister Charlie Sykes, Sr., Minister Annette Phillips and Minister Brittnie Sykes.

Consistent with the Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church Motto, "Pastor and People Working Together For Christ", ours is an active ministry. We are participants in the following organizations: The Star of East Association, The Literary Progressive Baptist Sunday School Union and The Joint Ministers Conference of New Kent.

We are a congregation of baptized and holy spirit-filled believers with a rich history and promising future.  We believe in the apostolic move in the body of Christ to advance the Kingdom of God.

      Our Vision

      "For our church to be a guiding light through ministry in the New Kent Community and a place of spiritual transformation.


      Our Mission

      "To Make Our Vision a Reality"


      Please consider sowing a seed into our church ministry.  Use the link below to submit all tithes, offerings, and seed planting!