Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church (New Kent, Virginia)

Rev. Rudolph V. Sykes Jr., M.Div, Senior Pastor

"Pastor and People Working Together for Christ"

To Contact Us:

Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church

8500 New Kent Highway

New Kent, Virginia 23124

Phone/Fax: (804)932-3394


saints@rmzbc.hrcoxmail.com (Church)

rudolphsykes734@comcast.net (Pastor)

Choir Ministries

Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church has the following choirs:

  • Mass Choir
  • Gospel Choir
  • Men's Choir
  • Youth Choir
  • Young Adult Choir

These choirs are all under the musical leadership of Sister Dutchess Haskell and accompanied by the following musicians: Bro. Jay Woodley, Min. LaMar Gresham, Bro. Lawrence Jeffries, Rev. Kevin Graham, Bro. Dwight Greene III, Bro. Oliver Davis Jr., and Bro. Chalmers

Our Vision

"For our church to be a guiding light through ministry in the New Kent Community and a place of spiritual transformation.


Our Mission

"To Make Our Vision a Reality"


Please consider sowing a seed into our church ministry.  Use the link below to submit all tithes, offerings, and seed planting!